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All my friends are commenting on the fact that you got me talking again in 5 mins(having lost my voice).  They said that you should have left me mute, because now I am talking too much !  Many thanks
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Todos meus amigos estão passados até agora, pelo fato de vc ter me feito falar em 5m.Eles falarão que vc devia ter me deixado mudo,pq agora estou falando demais.
Trocentos obrigada-
Naomi - rio de janeiro January 2008

I have been using Peter as my Osteopath of choice for several years now. I tried a few different clinics and did not get any real benefit from them. Then I found Peter on line and though he is in Chiswick and I'm in Kensington, my neck and shoulders were so badly locked, I thought I'll give him a try. One of the best decisions I ever made. Within one session he had me moving again. You are sore the next day, but the day after, you really feel the difference. I followed this up with a few more visits and he had me pain free. My problem is primarily from a whiplash injury several years ago and too much computer time tends to lock me up, back and shoulders, even my chest and breathing are affected. I go to Peter and after a couple of sessions he has me loosened up. He is a really decent fellow and follows up with his patients. I highly recommend him.

Ken Flockhart

I had been suffering from terrifically painful headaches, stemming from sharp and continuous pains in the back of my neck (the pain was sufficient to bring tears to my eyes on several occasions). I put this down to almost constantly being sat in front of my PC – and soldiered on with a few stretching ‘exercises’. Then, at a local business networking club,  I met Peter Saunders and decided to try some osteopathic treatment. 
Peter proceeded to identify and sort out a number of problems with my back, shoulders, hips and ankles, and with the addition of some painful deep massage to the back of my neck, he was able to solve the headache problem within a matter of months. He was careful to discuss with me my past history (rugby, golf etc.) and to identify various minor injuries I had sustained over the years. For instance, I suffered a very painful twisting of my ankle some 20 years previously and with Peter’s help I was able to reduce some of the collateral damage to my nerve connections to the extent that a numbness which I had along the top of my foot has gone away and full feeling has returned.
He also gave me some very good advice about sitting posture, exercise and diet – which I have taken on board and try to follow.
Whilst I have not been for a treatment session with Peter for around 2 years, the headaches and neck pain have not returned – the problem is solved as far as I am concerned.
I have recommended Peter’s services to a number of my friends and colleagues  and will continue to do so
T. Luckett, London

I suffer from multiple problems, from the results of accidents and broken bones or damaged nerves to arthritis and the effects of a hip replacement. 
I came to Peter in pain and hardly able to walk.  His stairs were a challenge! In less than an hour he made the pain subside and I was able to walk comfortably again.  I have relapses and he has proved hugely beneficial and time with him has been well spent.  His treatments always seem logical and results seem to be achieved by sleight of hand – Peter’s hand – and it is a comfort to know he is there to fall back on if ever needs be.
Bob Paterson